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1. What is Homestead Exemption and How Do I Qualify?
2. How do I find my lot lines?
3. Do I need a building permit in Wayne County?
4. Is there zoning in Wayne County?
5. How do I find the owner of record on a property?
6. How do I find out how much my taxes are?
7. Are you going to take my value off because of a natural disaster?
8. Other Frequently Asked Questions...

County Court

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1. Can I get an extension of time to pay my court costs?
2. Can I pay my traffic ticket/court costs by credit or debit card?
3. How do I get a copy of my court file?
4. How do I file a small claims action against someone?

District Court

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1. How do I get a U.S. passport?
2. Do you have forms to complete when filing for divorce?
3. How do I find information about my child support, spousal support, or property settlement payments?
4. Do you do civil or criminal records searches?
5. How far back do your records go for the purposes of genealogy research?


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1. How do I obtain a gun permit?
2. How do I find out if someone is a registered sex offender?
3. What are the laws regarding child passenger restraint systems?


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1. What is the last day we can pay our real estate or property taxes without accruing interest?
2. What do I need to bring to obtain or renew my driver's license?
3. Do you accept credit or debit cards?

Vehicle Titles

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1. What types of equipment need to be titled?
2. What are the fees for a Nebraska title?
3. I have signed off on a title on the wrong line. Can I cross it out and sign on the correct line?
4. Does my title need to be changed if I move to a different county in Nebraska?
5. My title reads ‘or/and or.’ Do both owners have to sign off to transfer title?
6. I purchased a vehicle from a dealer and was told they send all the paperwork to the County Treasurer. How long should I wait for the documents to be received? Will you contact me when they arrive?
7. Who is required to sign an application for title?
8. Does Nebraska require a notary to transfer a title?
9. Can I get a duplicate title from any county in Nebraska?
10. I have paid off the loan against my vehicle. How do I receive my title?
11. My vehicle has an out-of-state title. Does it need to be inspected before being issued a Nebraska title?
12. What is required to attach a lien on a title?
13. I have a lien on my out-of-state vehicle and want to transfer the title to Nebraska. How can I get my title transferred?
14. How is a salvage title issued?

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